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Reliable logistics & transport to the former CIS states,
Caucasus, Ukraine, Turkey, Iran and the Baltic States

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War in Ukraine: Humanitarian situation is changing rapidly
We organise aid transports and humanitarian transports to Ukraine
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MM Go East GmbH

About us – Our strength

MM Go East GmbH is an internationally active transport and logistics company with a focus on pharmaceutical and DDP shipments to the CIS states. Together with our partners and a large network, MM Go East GmbH also offers you worldwide transportation solutions. Our location in Kelsterbach is in the immediate neighborhood of Frankfurt Airport, which enables us to react quickly.

We keep hearing from new customers that exports to CIS countries are so problematic. But this is not so when you work with our experts. Our worldwide clientele has trusted our team and our reliable and dependable service to these countries for over 20 years. Convince yourself that exports to these countries can be very easy and predictable with the right partner at your side.

Our strength: CIS Airfreight

The core competencies of our company are international air freight, pharmaceuticals and DDP transportation to the CIS states. The range of services is supplemented by road freight transportation, heavy goods transport, sea freight, customs clearance and express deliveries. Whether parcel shipping or project business - together with our partners, we can realize nationwide delivery in all CIS states, regardless of the mode of transport. MM Go East has options for worldwide shipping, but is and remains specialized in the CIS states and subsequent countries:

Our speciality is the fastest possible delivery of spare parts and tools to your customers or fitters on site. We can also look after forwarding the tools to the next location or retrieving faulty parts for you.

We specialize in supplying your customers in the GDP/pharma (Good Distribution Practice) sector or your fitters on site with the required spare parts and tools as quickly as possible. We are also happy to take care of trade deliveries or the onward shipment of tools to the next place of use or the collection of defective parts for you.

Our strength: Owner-managed

We are an owner-managed company and can therefore act unbureaucratically and quickly. Long-term partnerships in the CIS states, some of which have existed for over 20 years, guarantee smooth processes. Our employees have many years of experience in CIS shipping and are therefore familiar with all the nooks and crannies that can arise during export or import shipments. MM Go East GmbH also has employees who speak Russian as their native language. This means that we can also take care of communication with your customers in Russia and translate documents to prevent misunderstandings and problems during shipping.

Our strength: Sustainability


Ecological factors are playing an increasingly important role in the transportation and goods traffic sector. We make our contribution to a sustainable approach to our environment and raw materials and would like to create a regional balance. That is why we are involved in ecological projects, including with HessenForst Forstamt Groß-Gerau. We plant one tree per calendar day around Frankfurt Airport and thus actively help to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our newsletter / Twitter news: 2022 to 2023

Dokumentenversand  2023  (PDF) Medizin-Technik 2022  (PDF) Sammelgut  2023  (PDF) Saatgut  2023  (PDF) Medizintechnik  2022  (PDF)
Russland  2023  (PDF) Kasachstan  2023  (PDF) Dokumentenversand  2022  (PDF) Usbekista  2023  (PDF) Russland/Belarus  2023  (PDF)
Goldene Eier Suchen  (PDF) Ukraine-Import_Export  (PDF) Russland/Belarus  2022  (PDF)

Our services

Everything from a single source, starting with planning and cost optimization as well as implementation of the actual transport, for example: Pharmaceuticals, urgent spare parts, large machines, production lines or site relocations on all possible modes of transportation by land, air and sea. Supporting the supply chain during a project through storage, packing, picking and shipping options. We are the right partner for every transport route. Whether rail, truck, special transports, special deliveries, consolidations, air freight, charter, express and on-board courier or emergency logistics. Our dedicated, bilingual and experienced team is ready to take on all the challenges involved in carrying out your freight projects.

Overview of air transport service CIS states

  • GDP/Pharma & refrigerated transport & DGR transport
  • Preparation of EX-1 / import declaration
  • DDP service / spare parts shipping & warranty deliveries
  • Shipping & return of installation tools
  • On-board courier service & import service
  • Exhibition transports / redelivery of exhibition goods
  • Customs clearance & customs forwarding from various airports
  • Combination of air freight and land transportation
  • Top air freight rates to all destination airports

Service overview land transportation CIS states

  • GDP/Pharma & refrigerated transport & DGR transport
  • Preparation of EX-1 / import declaration
  • DDP service / spare parts shipping & warranty deliveries
  • Import service
  • Part and full loads / special deliveries
  • Consolidated goods transportation
  • Transportation of particularly large goods
  • Project logistics as well as heavy and special transports
  • Development of individual transport concepts

This is your advantage with MM Go East:

Do you have a very important, urgent or complicated shipment/project, order or request?
Are you looking for personal advice and cooperation and always the same contact person?
Without having to wait on hold for contact persons to get information or help...?
Then you've come to the right place!
With us you have a fixed contact person and not an anonymous call center!

Reliable logistics to Turkey and Ukraine

Our service for your shipments to Turkey:

Our service for your transports to Turkey:

  • Air freight
  • Express shipping
  • DDP shipping
  • DAP shipping
  • Truck consolidation
  • Truck special delivery
  • Project logistics
  • charter
  • Oversize transports
  • Trade exhibition logistics
  • On Board Courier / OBC
Luftfracht Iran, LKW Transport Iran
Logistik-Lösungen Stückgut-Transporte Ukraine, Teil- und Komplettladungen in die Ukraine

Our service for your shipments to Ukraine:

  • Dispatch of documents
  • Spare parts shipping
  • DDP & DAP shipping
  • GDP transports
  • Refrigerated goods transportation
  • Dangerous goods transport
  • Truck consolidation & special deliveries
  • Shipping from Ukraine to Germany (worldwide)
  • Delivery as well as help & advice with humanitarian aid goods

GDP & Pharma by Russia/CIS countries & worldwidet
Good Distribution Practice

Years of experience in Russia & handling according to GDP standard with MM Go East GmbH

Bei uns stimmt das Klima

GDP-compliant shipping to Russia with MM Go East GmbH

The shipping of medicinal products is a sensitive matter; after all, patient safety is at stake. MM Go East GmbH was recently awarded a certificate of compliance with the guidelines for good distribution practice for medicinal products for human use, confirming that it fulfils the comprehensive requirements of GDP. Thanks to our co-operation with a global GDP & Pharma specialist and our membership of Worldwide X 2 Elite Partner, we are able to offer this professional service worldwide.

Neue Broschüre 2023

» GDP - Broschüre 2023 - PDF Download

What sets us apart

20 years of experience
Specialised in shipping to Russia
Cost-benefit analysis for air freight or lorries
GDP certified

Our service

Pharmaceutical transport by road or air freight through to full charter.

KEP - (Courier, Express and Parcel Services)shipping worldwide

We deliver worldwide with leading express service providers

The right solution for documents and smaller consignments such as samples and documents worldwide. Express shipping and the advantages of shipping with us:

Benefit from our good conditions

We offer you a selection of the world's leading express service providers, drawing on our experience and always using the service provider that can serve a particular country best and most cost-effectively. With us, you have a fixed contact person and no anonymous call center!

  • Creation of the EX1 export declaration
  • Export Express
  • Import Express
  • Import/export in economy shipping
  • Cross trades & collection
  • Transportation from point A to point B
  • Cost-effective alternative for shipments whose delivery is not so urgent for the customer

Service and special rates for shipping campaigns, such as samples, catalog shipments, Christmas presents.

Express shipping CIS states

We deliver DDP to the CIS states, nationwide

We will check all the possibilities for you and choose between the following options:

MM Go East always keeps an eye on sanctions and these are also checked by the system and manually.

Of course, we are also available to advise our customers in this regard.

  • On Board Courier / OBC
  • Air freight
  • Truck or van special delivery
  • Express shipping
  • Charter
  • Charter


Line / production standstill

Qualified on-board couriers transport your urgent shipments on the next possible scheduled flight. At the destination/airport, these shipments can be cleared through customs by our own staff and delivered free to your door.

Our transportation times are between
12 – 36 hours, depending on the destination..

All types of goods can be transported in this way, provided they do not violate import and export regulations or the air traffic regulations for passenger baggage.

Customs clearance of ordered goods is also possible, subject to prior agreement with the recipient.

Bandstillstand - Montagestillstand Russland, Wenn jede Minute zählt

Construction / Technicians / CIS states / Worldwide

Are you planning an installation service in the CIS states, China, the USA or anywhere else in the world?

For over 20 years, we have been supplying technicians on site with the spare parts, tools and materials required for installation. Our service is designed to provide our customers with a smooth installation, saving them time and money. By choosing different delivery times, our customers can complete the system/machine for their customer on schedule, without inconvenient waiting times and delays. However, our service goes even further: we can not only deliver the required tools and spare parts, but also retrieve defective parts and transport the tools directly to the next construction site.

As a result, our customers can be sure that they always have the parts they require and that no unnecessary costs are incurred. Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless service that helps them to successfully complete their projects. Do to our long-standing partnership in the CIS states as well as our global partnership in the X2 Elite / Critical Logistics group, it is possible for us to provide excellent service anywhere in the world. We look forward to helping you with your project and will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance at any time

Air freight CIS states

We offer you top conditions for air freight shipments to all destination airports in the CIS states.

We can also deliver by air freight to destinations such as Norilsk, Vladivostok, Komsomolsk, Khabarovsk or the island of Sakhalin, which are almost impossible to reach by truck.

Deliveries from the airport to the recipient can also be realized, regardless of whether the goods have already cleared customs or are still customs goods. A cost-benefit analysis is carried out for every offer to check whether it is more beneficial (or cheaper) for our customer to transport the shipment by truck.

Regulated Agent | Reg.-Nr.: DE/RA/01481-01

Logistik nach Russland und in die GUS Staaten
IATA - Luftfracht

Import & Sea Freight

Sea freight enables almost unlimited capacities at comparatively low prices with corresponding tonnages. With our sea freight partners in Hamburg and our worldwide partners as well as the world's largest shipping companies, we offer you sea freight import and export and ensure that your shipment is dispatched quickly and at calculable costs.

Worldwide pick-ups possible in all countries with the professional service of the Worldwide X 2 Elite Partner Group, import handling at all German and worldwide seaports.

Our sea freight services are also ideal for companies looking to ship large and heavy goods. We offer a wide range of services tailored to the needs of our customers. With our experience and knowledge of the sea freight industry, we can guarantee fast and reliable delivery of your shipments. We work with the largest shipping companies worldwide to ensure that your shipments are transported in the fastest and most efficient way. Our professional partners in Hamburg and worldwide ensure smooth handling of imports and exports at all major seaports worldwide. We also offer pick-ups and ensure that your shipments reach their destination safely and on time. You can rely on calculable costs and excellent service, with us.


Import clearance at Frankfurt Airport..

Our location in Kelsterbach is in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, which enables us to react quickly.

Import clearance at other locations/airports/seaports on request.

This is your benefit with MM Go East:

We offer professional import clearance at Frankfurt Airport. Our location in Kelsterbach guarantees fast and efficient processing of your imported goods. With our experienced team, we ensure that your shipments are processed as quickly as possible and are available to you promptly.

Of course, we also offer import handling at other locations and airports. From the first contact to the delivery of your goods, we are at your side as a competent partner. We take time for you and your concerns in order to find individual solutions and guarantee your satisfaction.

Please contact us for further information and a non-binding offer. We look forward to assisting you with your import clearance.

Trucks Russia / CIS states

Land transportation of all types to the CIS states

Truck consolidation to Russia is only possible to a limited extent, as Germany currently has too little freight volume. This means that typical groupage services can no longer be maintained.

Either partial routes are being handled as special deliveries, which leads to high prices, or waiting for combination options, which can lead to extremely long transit times.

In most cases, air freight shipping with delivery is the better and often cheaper alternative.

We will check this route on request.

Low-cost consolidation by truck and direct transportation from Germany or Europe to the CIS states - that is what we offer. We offer you a cost-benefit analysis to check whether it is cheaper for you to transport the shipment by air freight. We can also make special transports and project logistics happen.

Our goal is to offer you a fast and efficient solution for your logistics problems. We work with the best technology and experienced staff to ensure a smooth process. Our network enables us to offer you a wide range of services customized to your specific needs.

Our team is always on hand to help and support you. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right transport option and help you plan and implement your logistics projects. Our aim is to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective solution to your logistics problems.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us. We look forward to receiving your request!

LKW Transporte nach Russland und in die GUS Staaten

  • Project logistics as well as heavy and special transports

  • Transportation of particularly large goods and consolidation

  • Preparation of EX-1 / import declaration

  • Preparation of EX-1 / import declaration

  • DDP service / spare parts shipping & warranty deliveriese


Teamwork is our strength

With our "Project Logistics" division, we want to provide you with a complete package for your logistics requirements.

Here, all of MM Go East's specialist areas interlock like clockwork. According to the motto "there's no such thing as impossible", we not only offer you a transport solution from "A to B", but also take care of everything else related to your order.

Do you want to store your goods at their destination or during transit? Do you have special requirements before, during or after transportation?

We at MM Go East offer you an all-round service for your logistics project. Contact us and together we will find a perfectly customized solution for you.

Projektlogistik-Luftfracht nach Russland und in die GUS Staaten


Are you planning a presentation at an exhibition in the CIS states,
China or the USA?

The professional planning and successful execution of a exhibition event is only possible with a logistics provider who has the necessary specialist knowledge and, above all, the expertise in the respective country of the exhibition event. Transportation to the exhibition and professional handling on site is a basic requirement for this. Our aim is to combine this and plan it with you so that the exhibition event is as successful as you want it to be.

We take care of the entire exhibition event or just the delivery or subsequent delivery of consumables. Experience has shown that this is where complications often arise with other logistics companies and the surprise is great when the complete stand is set up but the advertising material is not available because it is still undergoing customs clearance.

Unsere langjährige Erfahrung, erstklassige Auslandskontakte und fachliche Kompetenz sowie Mitarbeiter, welche die Landessprache beherrschen, ermöglichen Ihnen als Aussteller, sich auf die eigentliche Arbeit, nämlich einen gelungenen Messeauftritt und die Betreuung Ihrer Kunden zu konzentrieren.

Our many years of experience, first-class contacts abroad and professional expertise as well as employees who speak the local language allow you as an exhibitor to concentrate on the actual work, namely a successful trade fair presentation and customer care.

Instead of having to greet your customers with a makeshift stand due to a lack of consumables and advertising materials or even delays to the stand. Thanks to our worldwide partnership in X2 Elite / Critical Logistics, we can offer you an excellent service anywhere in the world.

Messe-Logistik nach Russland und in die GUS Staaten


Urgent deliveries of spare parts to Russia (MM-Go East GmbH)

Exportmanager Beitrag, DDP Versand Russland - GUS Staaten

If an important pump fails and the electric motor also goes on strike, a replacement is needed quickly. What is still relatively simple in Germany can lead to lengthy delays when delivering to Russia - even without sanctions - due to the legal situation and customs administration. Reliable solutions are then required. Michael Möller from MM Go East GmbH in Kelsterbach spoke to ExportManager about fast delivery routes and the decisive advantage of DDP shipping.

» PDF Download

Quelle:This article was published in the trade journal "ExportManager - Selected Information for Export Managers" in issue 1 of 10 February 2016 by Gunther Schilling, Managing Editor ExportManager, FRANKFURT BUSINESS MEDIA.

Dear visitors of our website,

we are pleased to inform you that our new company brochure for the year 2023 is now available!
Our brochure provides you with a comprehensive overview of our products and services. In the brochure you will find detailed information about our offers in the areas of transport and logistics.

You can find out more about our experienced and qualified team and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The brochure is available both online and in printed form.

To request a printed version, please send an e-mail to michael.moeller@mm-goeast.de, or call us on our telephone number.

Neue Broschüre 2023

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MM Go East GmbH

MM Go East GmbH is an international transport and logistics company, whose main focus is shipments to Russia and the CIS states. Along with our partners and a large network of contacts, MM Go East GmbH offers you worldwide transport solutions. Our location in Kelsterbach, very close to Frankfurt airport, means we can offer fast response times.

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